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    Network Approved Modems

    What cable modems can be used for high-speed Internet service?


    Are you currently experiencing intermittent connectivity or slow speeds?

    If your cable modem is not found on the list below, there is a possibility that your modem is at the end of it’s life and needs to be replaced. Please contact customer care at 253.683.4100.

    Always make sure you can return your cable modem to where you purchased it in case it turns out to be incompatible.

    Approved cable modems for all service areas as of February 27, 2023.

    Arris SB8200 32 x 8 3.1
    Arris CM9200 32 x 8 3.1
    Arris CM8200A 32 x 8 3.1
    Arris S33 32×8 3.1

    Actual speeds may vary depending on the number, performance, and configuration of the following:

    • Connected PC or connecting PC (Gigabit Ethernet NIC required for 100M or higher)
    • Hardware (Processor, Single Core, Multi-Core), RAM, Hard Drive (write speed capabilities)
    • Router and connecting adapters (Gigabit Ethernet interface required for 100M or higher)
    • Software application
    • Website/Server Limitations (Not all speed test sites are capable of testing all speeds)
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