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    How do I set up Windows 8 email?

    Setting up Email on Windows 8


    Windows 8 Mail Client (seems to work best with imap)

    1. Hit the ‘Windows’ button on the keyboard to go to the main Win8 screen.
    2. Select Mail
    3. Move mouse to bottom right hand corner of screen to bring up the right sidebar panel
    4. Select Settings
    5. Select Accounts
    6. Click on Add an account
    7. Select Other Account
    8. Under Other Account, enter the following:

    a. Email address

    b. Password

    c. Show more settings

    d. Username (entire email address)

    e. Incoming mail server:

        Incoming Port: 143

    f. Outgoing mail server:

        Outgoing Port: 587

    Check only:

    “Outgoing server requires auth” and “Use the same username and pw to send and receive email”

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